Unlock Your Potential: The Mindset Programme!

Are you ready to break free from limiting beliefs and achieve the life you truly desire?

The Mindset Programme is a transformative journey designed to empower you with the mental strength and clarity to achieve your goals. Through a unique blend of hypnotherapy and coaching, this completely tailored programme will guide you towards lasting change and self-discovery.

What you can expect:

Deeply personalized hypnotherapy sessions: We’ll work together to identify your unique challenges and create a bespoke hypnotherapy plan to help you overcome limiting beliefs, break bad habits, and unlock your full potential.

Powerful coaching sessions: My expert coaching will guide you in setting clear goals, developing effective strategies, and building the confidence to take action.

Ongoing support: You’ll have access to regular coaching calls and messages, providing you with ongoing guidance and motivation throughout your journey.

Exclusive online resources: I’ll provide you with a suite of online resources, including downloadable eBooks, audios, and help sheets to support your progress.

The Mindset Programme isn’t just another self-help program. It’s an investment in your future.

Ready to take control of your life and achieve the extraordinary?

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Check out Karl’s story. We worked together TWO YEARS AGO! He’s still going strong.



I was suffering with burnout and grieve and I changed for the worst and started taking out my anger on people around me. In the end I realised I needed help that when I reached out to Chris who I saw his posts on Facebook and after a deep conversation I agreed to the burnout buster package. After 1 session to deal with my grieve and anger I already felt completey different and after a further 3 intense sessions I feel completely different Chris gave me the tools to help thanks Chris you have made me realise you can move forward. Who ever is reading this please don’t be afraid to ask for help your mindset and health is more important then a few dollars in the bank. Thanks Chris
b smallman
This type of therapy was a completely new approach to me. I've had counselling sessions at different times in my life to try and help with early trauma experienced in childhood. feels good to offload all of that anxiety for a time... However... this "solution focused" method of therapy... is actually helping me to overcome psychological obstacles I've struggled with all my life... so I can move on to achieve what I want to achieve. I'm dealing with all the same issues... but with a completely new mindset. I have thoroughly enjoyed the...rather pleasant... sessions so far... but what I most enjoy.... is actually seeing a change in me.... and how that is having a positive effect in my day to day life...❤
Paul Bly
I went to Chris because I have a public speaking engagement and I was really nervous about it. So nervous that I was thinking of cancelling the gig. I heard hypnosis could help. Chris actually did this detox thing where he was able to guide me and get a bunch of crap released that I have been holding on to that I didn't even realize. I felt so free at the end. I didn't know that things like that can have such a negative effect on my life. I am now feeling confident and strong! Thank you Chris.
Wendy Surber
Chris is absolutely amazing at what he does, he's sooo calming and he's helped me so much to learn to believe in myself, find my inner confidence, find myself. He really is awesome
Rebecca Jones
Chris is an amazing therapist He cured my specific phobias He helped me to get my anxiety down and depression. The best therapy I have ever had that actually works.
Tracy Holly
Chris is an amazing therapist and very understanding. I am moving forward with anxiety, depression and binge eating. It is better than the NHS x
Tracy Osler
Chris is a fantastic hypnotist and also great communicator, friendly, welcoming, calm and I’m really grateful he came in to my work one day for a breakfast with his logo on his top as I had been searching for a hypnotist for months and was glad when one came to me! We had a few sessions where we did the deep work and I can honestly say I was feeling suicidal at the time we met and wasn’t expecting much change quickly. There was immediate improvement and those thoughts and feelings were gone, I still struggle from time to time but with Chris’s guidance for my future I can regulate a lot easier to which I’m very grateful and it’s changed my outlook! I will always remember this: You Can, You Will and You Do, cheers Chris! I’ll see you soon
Sophie Swift
I would recommend Chris as a therapist, he is calming and he listens and he helps you. For approximately 40 years I have not been able to just walk out the house lock up and go, I have to keep checking everything is safe and switched off and that the door is locked. I have even on times driven off and turned around and gone home to recheck. Therefore I need too add ten minutes to my time. Anyone that knows me can find this annoying when they are waiting for me to go somewhere. I discussed this with Chris knowing it's from an event that occurred when I was about six. Chris explained why I do this and we have worked on it. I am pleased to say that this morning I did it, I checked once and went out. At work I did think about it, but I know that everything is safe. Thank you Chris your doing well, looking forward to trying what you learn next.
Deborah Harrison
I'd recommend Mindset Self Care Focused Solution Therapy it's led by a passionate and thorough individual. The sessions are concise and last as long as they need to, Christopher is very patient and allows what ever you need to experience happen in its own time. I'm enjoying my sessions how they are at the moment.
Tristrum Bolton
I have had 2 sessions with Chris, l must admit after the first one l had my doubts , had l actually let myself be hypnotised ? , l was totally aware and in control and although l felt much more light hearted when l came out had it really helped ? As the week went on lt suddenly hit me that l was dealing with worries in a different way , l was much happier and in control husband (who never notices anything) actually commented l was 'different ' he meant happier , he rarely notices anything normally. My 2nd session l felt more comfortable both with Chris and what to expect , my mind was more focused on my negative thoughts (the 1st session l felt l couldn't think of any negative thoughts even though they were obviously there) and these were overtaken by feelings of hope and light , l felt positive and ready to get going when l left . Thank you Chris x
K Yates
I have had other therapies before for anxiety and depression and have never got anywhere with it. I just wish I had known about this before because I feel completely different after just one session! I would highly recommend.
Lindsay Plumb

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